I am thrilled to start writing my very first post in The Organizer Group, Inc. Blog.  It has been 19 years ago that I started this great idea to help others organize their homes and lives, and give the gift of order.  I believe there is nothing like coming home to the place you love.  The place where everything is you.  The good the bad the ugly the designed and decorated expressions of you.  We invest so much of our time working and dreaming of all the things we want to make our lives more meaningful.  Our home is where we need the most beautiful kind of organization.  This is what I love to do.  This is why my company exists.  I dream the vision with you and enjoy all the details of making those beautiful spaces come to life.  In this period in time when there is so much taking from our lives, we have to create and give ourselves peace.  This comes from order.  I encourage you today to create the most beautiful you, as your home is that expression.