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The Organizer Group, Inc. has been serving Dallas and Collin counties in the field of professional organizing since 1998. We are a group of professional organizers offering a wide variety of organizing services supporting your home, office and life. Life does not work without order, and the right supports in place to function and be successful. Our goal is to provide excellence to you our clients in the areas of our expertise, relieving stress, worry and chaos from your everyday life and bringing order and function where you need it the most.


– Creative Spacing & Design for Closets, Kitchens, Rooms, & Drawers
– Maximizing space by designing the right solution for usage and function.
– Use of items you might already have in more creative places to achieve order, comfort and
enjoyment in rooms and spaces that are boring and out of date.
– Storage Solutions & Installation of elfa@ shelving
– Tear out of old closet systems and redesign & installation of new systems
– Enhanced product solutions to clean up and tidy messy areas or catch all places.
– Custom Design Closet Units to store specialty items & specific homes for laundry, dry cleaning,
his & her sections
– De-clutter & Downsize
– Prepare Items for decision whether to keep or donate
– Pack Donations & Deliver to Donation
– Create temporary homes for items kept until permanent system is complete
– Organizational Tools & Systems
– Tools refer to the skill learned supporting the organizing system
– Systems refer to the order built in place and the continued maintenance to control clutter
– Both Tools and System support are offered through our Maintenance Program
– Home & Office Decor` & Design
– Design of specific rooms & purchasing of Decor`( Furniture, Lighting, Wall Art, & Placement )
financial-services– Moving Preparation & New Home Set-up financial & business management services
– Packing and Planning Preparation
financial-services- Unpacking & Set-up of New Home


– Paper & Office Management / File Development & Maintenance
– Sorting & Clean up of trash, coupons, junk mail etc. / Instruction on Keep & Archive
– Preparation for Paper Management System and File Development
– Building of Office Work Flow System / Homes created for all important papers & supplies
– Financial Management / Record Keeping & Paying of Bills
– Record Keeping through detailed spreadsheets, monthly maintenance & Paying Bills on time
– Assistance with checkbook accounting / System for Bank Statements, Investments, & Financial
– Life Coaching & Time Management
– Identifying Goals, Purpose and Life Vision / Eliminating distractions, Clarifying Priorities,
– Support with Action versus Intention and Follow-thru / Maintaining Accountability

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  • October 5, 2023
    Anne B.
    I’ve had Kayla and her group help me with organizing in 3 different homes. It makes a world of difference for daily function and literally overall health. Kayla has an incredible gift being able to see it all in the finished product before she even starts. I’ve even given push back on a few things…and she was right! Using Kayla 18 yrs ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
  • October 4, 2023
    Kent Ferguson
    I can’t believe what a difference things are from start to finish . Take a cluttered garage to organized , clean , and ready for use area. Staff was very safety conscious of my stuff and anyone else who might come on site . Very impressive transformation of the space . Now my job is to keep it that way !
  • October 4, 2023
    Such a great experience! Couldn’t be happier with the end results.
  • October 4, 2023
    Sophie A
    Kayla and her team have been exceptional in their organizing services for multiple projects in our home and office the past 10 years. Highly recommend
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